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Thank you...  Thank you for the opportunity to again represent the goals, desires, wants and wishes of the citizens of Black Hawk County as your Sheriff.  I am absolutely honored, humbled and appreciative of the vote which re-elected me to this obligation.  I challenge you to communicate with me your observations and your concerns.  I encourage you to hold me accountable for promises made and kept.  I pray for your continued support of my efforts to make your Sheriff's Office one of the most responsive, most professional, and an organization reflective of our citizen's desire for safety, security, and service.  I pledge to your my undying, genuine best efforts to these goals.
Courier Article: "
Democrats sweep supervisors seats; Thompson rolls in sheriff’s race"


Thank you for visiting my website.  Since becoming your Sheriff in 2008, I have worked diligently to accomplish the goals I outlined during my campaign, and address each of my campaign platform issues.  The following pages outline our successes in these first few years of the new administration of the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office. 

You can continue to contact me via this website.  For business related matters, please do not hesitate to contact me at the Sheriff's Office at: tthompson@bhcso.org

A quote I have lived my life by:  "Good things come to he who hustles while he waits"
Thomas A. Edison



Please continue to check back as this website is updated often!  I encourage you to review the website and invite your feedback and comments in the contact page.  I want to know your thoughts.  And, if you are so motivated, please leave a comment to be posted for others to see what you think.

Service Minded Devotional: "I am grateful, oh God, for my arena of service.  For a place to put my feet, for the burdens to carry and lives to touch in the course of my daily labors, I am thankful.  May I be sensitive to your leading and to the hurts and needs of people around me.  I step into this day as your messenger and servant.  Help me to be bold, yet full of understanding, steeped in conviction, yet humble and tolerant of the convictions of others, willing to proclaim, yet just as willing to listen, and ready always to reach out to someone who is lost and lonely.  And while I am a servant, may I be a student as well, willing to learn and to grow in my understanding of life and your purposes in the world around me.  Always guide me in your service and allow the gifts you have provided me to aid me in always glorifying you."

A passage I focus on every morning:  "I can do all things through him who gives me strength" - Philippians 4:13