Tony Thompson for Community Outreach

Community Outreach  

One of the issues that I feel is the most important functions of a Sheriff, is connectivity to the citizens of the county.  I have enjoyed years of outreach and public education through my role as Community Services Coordinator, and I intend to do even more to reach out and network with taxpayers and citizens through several new, inventive measures.

Initially, I have worked hard to improve current and initiate new rural neighborhood watch programs and openly see the value of administrating this effort more vigorously through the Sheriff's Office.  By being more accountable to and accessible to the citizens of the county, I believe that we can be more responsive to their concerns and their needs.

We aggressively established one of the finest "interactive" websites for our citizens of any law enforcement agency.  We spent money seized from drug dealers to establish a presence on the world wide web which has assisted us in locating Black Hawk County "Most Wanted" criminals as far away as Arizona and California.  This forum also provides my administration with an obvious transparency and accessibility for the public that has been unseen in previous years.

We are more proactively using social media such as Facebook to help connect to our constituents and share vital information with the public as well.

Additionally, I am pleased with the progress that the Citizen's Advisory Council has made to meet the needs of Black Hawk County Inmates and the Community.  They meet with me and officers from the Sheriff's Office to bring concerns and suggestions on a monthly basis, with the singular intent to constantly improve the service of the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office.  I view this group as an opportunity for me to vet issues and new ideas with concerned citizens invested in improving the safety and security of Black Hawk County... ultimately giving the citizens of Black Hawk County more of a voice in the actions of our Sheriff's Office.