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Attending the National Sheriff's Institute in Longmont, Colorado, this was my roommate, the Darlington County (South Carolina) Sheriff, J.W. Byrd

Sheriff Tony Thompson retiring the colors as Regimental Sergeants Major in Fort Lewis, Washington... his last "official" act for the Officer Candidate School.

Sheriff Thompson recognized with the Winnebago Council for the Boy Scouts highest honor... The Silver Beaver Award

Sheriff Thompson addressing the Black Hawk County Democratic Caucus 2012




Waffle and Omelet Breakfast at the Moose Lodge

I enjoyed getting to meet everyone and fingerprinting children at the Moose Lodge... I realize that public outreach, and public services like this one help keep Black Hawk County's greatest resources (our children) safe.

Fingerprinting my two boys at the event  and visiting with our special guest (I hope he's old enough to vote!)

"Meet the Next Sheriff Event" at Jo Mama's Pizza Pub and Grill


Tony Instructs a University of Northern Iowa Class

Having the opportunity to talk with UNI students about the interaction between the media and law enforcement, really drove home the importance of community outreach and public education.  Thank you to my friend, Anelia Dimitrova and her Media Law and Ethics classes... it was a pleasure talking with each of you!




Based on this great interaction and the interesting questions I fielded, I am more energized than ever to campaign hard and long to earn each and everyone's vote in November!







The younger voter has already demonstrated their power and prominence in this year's primary races, and having taught at UNI, I recognize what a dynamic force our youth can be when partnered with and given credit enough to invest their time and effort in. I encourage everyone to remain focused on our local races and to demand frank and honest output from each candidate that courts you.  I promise to maintain this focus in my campaign efforts as well.



Dunkerton DON'T Graduation

Probably my most enjoyable task at the Sheriff's Office.  I get to see the fruits of three years of curriculum development(we've enjoyed 6 years of a now complete DON'T educational curriculum).  I love to network with the students and provide tangible, real world prevention techniques to help foster strong, empowered youth through effective drug education.

This year we were blessed with UNI senior quarterback and the Walter Payton Award Runner-up for best offensive collegiate football player in the United States, Eric Sanders as our guest speaker.

The kids adored him and his simple message regarding choosing to do right and surrounding yourself with good friends that support good decisions. It really reinforced the message of DON'T- Drugs Offer No Tomorrow!  To thank Eric for his time and his personal message, the students presented him with a graduation t-shirt and made him an honorary DON'T Graduate.

These various graduation pictures demonstrate the power of a strong relationship between the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office and our community schools and the importance of recognizing and rewarding our children's efforts (whether that be in drug education or in life's decisions).












January 7, 2008 rally at Jameson's Public House, Waterloo

What an overwhelming success and thank you for a great turnout.  The support demonstrated at our Kick-Off rally confirms that we are on the right track.  I deeply appreciate the wonderful start that you all provided to what I anticipate being a fantastic campaign.

(Tony conducting an interview with good friend Scott Fenzloff, KCNZ Radio)




January 3, 2008 Caucus

(Tony is seen here managing the January 3rd Caucus at Country View)

Being in charge of a precinct's caucus was a little unnerving, aside from the fact that there were triple the attendees from previous years... lets keep this same interest and focus in the local and county campaigns as well.  Thanks to everyone who signed my nomination petitions and know that I intend to campaign clean and hard to earn your vote in November!