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October 12, 2012: Ramah Horton : "What a man your father did raise. I will never forget the time I spoke to you in length about my daughter who I love dearly and getting her help .You treated me with dignity and respect and you were understanding where other people I had spoken to always made me feel like she was just a case number..."

October 11, 2012: Todd Stabenow: "Sorry to hear about your father. You have made him proud and will continue to do so."


October 10, 2012: Michelle Young: "You are an awesome Sheriff. You helped me when i was in black hawk county jail."

October 9, 2012: Timari Hanson: "You have Earned re-election!"

September 23, 2012: Brandi Newman: "I just want to Thank You for taking the time last weekend to talk to me about how things were going in my life! You are a very busy man and it was awesome for your time!"

September 12, 2012: Chuck Hosier: "Keep up the good work Tony!"

September 12 ,2012: Kellie Wiese: "You go Guy!"

September 12, 2012: Juanita Hockey: "You've done a great job and continue to work for us. Thanks."

September 12, 2012: David Bowles: "Thanks for leading the way for all these years."

September 9, 2012: Linda Schwab: "I would definitely use a yard sign of ANY kind, promoting your re-election! Almost directly across the street from us, is where William Herkelman lives-the other one running. Well, I must say in all honesty, that man has NEVER WAVED, smiled, or even gestured a "Hello". He is actually a bit rude! Sheriff Thompson, I voted for you the first time, and intend to do it yet again. YOU HAVE cleaned-up this city A LOT! I went to UIU, and you came for our substance abuse class; deputy, and dog! One thing you said was that you were going to rid this city of Methamphetamine, and at least in my 'hood', there is no sign of it, or the people that use/make it. You've done a darn good job-CONGRATULATIONS!  Also, you did say that perhaps someone could bring a sign around? We would love that! "

September 9, 2012: Dottie Wear: "Good luck in your bid for reelection as I feel we are served well by your being our sheriff."

September 4, 2012: Bill Van Wey: "I have had a chance to speak to this man personally. If you want to know who to vote for, talk to him personally and that will seal the deal for you - the amazing thing is 'he will take the time to talk to you', you don't find that very often with a public official - Tony - you have my vote."

August 27, 2012: WCFCourier Bloggger "whoknew122" Post: "Sheriff Tony Thompson, thank you for having integrity and sticking up for people, and doing the right thing, no matter what... you'll have my vote when that election time comes."

August 14, 2012: Lora Axsom: "Thanks for keeping our streets and community safe from the 'Bad Guys'."

August 6, 2012: Willis Spratt: "This man is doing a hell of a job, pay attention and vote!"

August 6, 2012: Todd Stabenow: "Excellent Job, Thanks!"

August 1, 2012: Mike D.: "I've been following local law enforcement for 50 years. Never have I seen a better combination of County Sheriff and Chief of Police than what we have now in Tony Thompson and Dan Trelka (I still think of Trelka as the Chief). The jail break was a mishap, but Sheriff Thompson has put things right. I look forward to voting for Tony in November and will be urging my friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to do likewise.
When I have to call for help, I want a competent professional to answer!"

August 1, 2012: Think: "The sheriff is cleaning up a mess 30 years in the making. Great job Tony."

July 27, 2012: Charlene Melcher: "Keep safe and stay the same person you are. We are all so proud to be friends with you and your family. The boys are sure turning into fine young men. God Bless"

July 22, 2012: William Draper: "Please continue your efforts in keeping the county in order!"

July 17, 2012: Chris Carter: "Keep up the good work Sheriff. We know you are doing all you can."

July 17, 2012: Laura Hippen: "Stay strong Tony!"

July 17, 2012: Laura Frisch-Hammersley: "Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."

July 16, 2012: Pat O'Connell: "Thank you for all your hard work, God Bless!"

July 16,  2012: Mary George: "Really proud of all you and your staff are doing"

Juy 16, 2012: Bonnie Belmer: "Your efforts and work, long hours are greatly appreciated."

July 16, 2012: Jeff Jackson: "Trying week indeed, but you've shown great leadership & professionalism in your tenure. Proud to call you Sheriff Tony.  Looking forward to many more terms."

July 16, 2012: Larry Koldt: "Thank you for all your hard work and devotion that you and your department have."

July 14, 2012: Kate Stainbrook: "You always protect your community.  I'm proud to call you my friend and my Sheriff.  When can I get my sign?  Clint said he has the spot all mowed and ready for it!"

June 14, 2012: Becky Smith: "Tony, as a blessed survivor from a horrible high-speed collision on Hwy 218 two years ago all I can say is THANK YOU so very much for supporting this interchange!! It truly means a lot to know that no one else will have to go through what I went thru and am still going thru because of your gracious support with this. Again 'thank you' can't even begin to express my gratitude to you!!"

June 13, 2012: Nancy Beenblossom: "Just saw the KWWL coverage of the DOT approval of an interchange at Wapsi Road and Hwy 218.  I know your input had so much to do with getting this to go through and thank you isn't enough, but THANK YOU!"

June 12, 2012: Christie Kucera: "You protect & serve your community... Great to see = ) God Bless ♥"

June 5, 2012: Melissa Mitchell- "VOTED! for some of my fave local people:  Bruce Braley, Anesa Kajtazovic, and Sheriff Tony Thompson! :)"

June 2, 2012: Jena Campbell: "Tony, you are one of the busiest guys I know!"

June 2, 2012: Bruce Newell: " Good luck Tony, u do a great job"

June 2, 2012: David Bowles: "Good luck Tony!"

May 27, 2012: Travis Hoing: "You should feel honored... you're the only Democrat I'll vote for!"

May 25, 2012: Joan Litterer: "You are truly the best at what you do.  Appreciate it all!!!!"

May 21, 2012: Paula Wyant: "U THE MAN!"

May 15, 2012: Betty Wiegert: "Very good statement you made on camera, well done Tony, well done!"

April 14, 2012: Linda Sharp- "You are fearless :-)"

April 14, 2012: Pete Miles- "Dear God, man. Do you ever sleep???"

April 14, 2012: Nancy Beenblossom- "Black County is lucky to have a leader that is so caring, involved, trustworthy and oh yes... has such a great sense of humor..."

February 29, 2012: Juanita Hockey- "Keep up the great work and continue to share what's going on in our world. This is so important for all of us to hear. Thanks so much."

February 27, 2012: Chris Crouse- " You got my vote"

February 27, 2012:  Lynn Petersen- "You've done a great job... you have got my vote"

February 26, 2012: Scott Ohrt- "I have known Tony for a long time... I'm gonna vote for him anyway!"

February 26, 2012: Carol Haley Wilson- "You've done a wonderful job Tony. Best wishes for 4 more years."

February 25, 2012: Bill Daringer- "You have my vote Tony!"

February 25, 2012: Kathleen Simon- "You have my every confidence Tony, and if you ever want to move down South, and run for Sheriff you would have my vote and all my help. The people of Black Hawk County are fortunate to have you. Not only are you an informed, and dedicated lawman, but you are a concerned human being to all others, and a spiritual man. Your quality of personability as well as your professional integrity while adding to your dedication to your work, and family makes you an irreplaceable Sheriff, and an unbeatable candidate. Peace to you, your family, and your deputies."

February 24, 2012: Lisa Wood- "GO TONY !! This is a no-brainer..."

February 23, 2012: Danielle Edison- "You are an inspiration, Tony!"



Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:17 PM CDT
Tony Thompson for sheriff

WATERLOO — Vote for Tony Thompson to be our next Black Hawk County sheriff.

I recognize the impact he has had and look forward to seeing the forward future progress of the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office under his management. I look forward to the improvements he will bring and cannot say enough good things about his commitment to public safety and community organizations.

He intends to meet monthly with citizens all over the county to vet ideas and discuss concerns. He is committed to getting more citizen involvement and citizen impact on decisions being made and on the direction the office is going.

He has promised to return the business office hours to 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekday, and to address everything from weapons permits to room and board payments every day of the week.

Letter to the Editor October 20 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 20 2008.pdf

LettertotheEditor October 20 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 12 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 12 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor 10 October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 11 2008.pdf

Thursday, October 16, 2008 12:02 PM CDT
Tony Thompson for sheriff

JANESVILLE —I had the honor and privilege of working for the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office for over 31 years (retiring 2007, after 23 years as division commander, captain) and had the unique opportunity to know both candidates for sheriff.

During my tenure, I have seen both candidates under stress and under the distinct pressures induced by the job. I have witnessed firsthand their leadership capabilities, their management styles as well as their ability to inspire their peers and subordinates to follow their goals and ideals. I have seen both candidates when things go well and when things were not going well, and I can tell you without hesitation that the clear choice for sheriff of Black Hawk County is Tony Thompson.

His military experience (19 years Iowa Army National Guard, now E-8) and education provide him with the resources, knowledge and leadership skills necessary for success as our next sheriff. His progressive law enforcement views, positive attitude and unparalleled community service experience make him a valued member of this county and a champion of everyone young and old alike. His willingness to commit to ideals larger than himself and objectives others might find too big, too difficult or too complex, is a strength that will serve him and the citizens of Black Hawk County well into the future.

I encourage the voters of Black Hawk County to examine his loyalty, dedication, conviction to duty and qualifications. Vote Tony Thompson for Black Hawk County sheriff.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 6:06 AM CDT

Vote Thompson for sheriff


WATERLOO --- It is time for change in the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office. If you want the same old thing, you will vote for the person the outgoing sheriff tells you to. If you do your research as I did before I voted today, you will see the clear choice is Tony Thompson. From being on the committee overseeing the new jail in 1995, the senior cell phone program, the schools' drug programs, plus many others to numerous to mention here, vote for Tony Thompson for Black Hawk County sheriff.

 Letter to the Editor _October 3 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 5 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 5 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 5 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 5 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor October 5 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _October 8_2008.pdf

Sunday, October 5, 2008 6:06 AM CDT

Vote Thompson for sheriff


CEDAR FALLS --- I want to make everyone aware of the accomplishments of my choice for sheriff of Black Hawk County. Tony Thompson has taught leadership courses to soldiers in the Army National Guard. He has taught communications lessons to UNI college students for eight years. He has taught law enforcement lessons to new and experienced officers for years. He continues to teach drug education in our area middle schools with a program that he wrote. He teaches crime prevention lessons to area groups and organizations and continues to champion community improvement causes with a multitude of associations, clubs and businesses.

He has demonstrated time and again, his willingness to step up and take action to address issues facing our communities, and has given freely of his time and talents for the betterment of our communities. I know our next sheriff is going to be a dedicated and focused public servant because I know that every voter is already aware that Tony Thompson is the best choice for Black Hawk County sheriff.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008 12:01 PM CDT


GILBERTVILLE --- I'm asking residents of Black Hawk County to vote Tony Thompson for sheriff.

Tony has been an advocate in public education for many years. He has taken pride in teaching our youth to make positive life choices. Tony's vision and dedication to our communities have touched many of our families personally. His tireless dedication will move this county forward with the vision and responsibility we need.

I want to thank Tony for his willingness to teach and believe in the future of Black Hawk County.

Please join me in voting Tony Thompson for sheriff.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008 12:04 PM CDT

Support for Thompson


BUCKINGHAM --- I am in the Iowa Army National Guard, and I have worked directly with Tony Thompson since 2003 at Iowa's Officer Candidate School.

I have watched Tony mentor and counsel soldiers aspiring to become officers. Tony is passionate about helping those he mentors reach their potential. His peers from several states selected Tony as the best NCO TAC Officer developing Leaders. Many officers above him, including myself, have sought out Tony for his experience and judgment in managing resources, evaluating training, setting goals and developing plans to achieve those goals. I have witnessed Tony as a man of action unwilling to settle for status quo.

As an infantry officer, I respect Tony for his willingness and experience to be in the trenches with the troops and lead from the front.


Letter to the Editor September 21 2008_.pdf

Letter to the Editor September 21 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _September 21 2008_.pdf

Letter to the Editor_September 21 2008_.pdf

Letter to the Editor_September 21 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor September 21 2008_.pdf

Letter to the Editor _September 21 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _September 18 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 14 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 14 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 14 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 13 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 13 2008.pdf

Saturday, September 6, 2008 6:07 AM CDT
CEDAR FALLS --- I think that our sheriff's race coverage has missed the point. They want to talk about experience and they want to talk about longevity in the department, but I think that what really matters is commitment to the community.

I have seen letter after letter outlining Tony Thompson's commitment to our communities. I have seen first-hand the impact that his effort has had on illegal methamphetamine production and on our youth.

I find his military background and service to our nation to be an additional strength.

We can talk about experience and we can talk about time, but let's put the right focus on "service" and there is no doubt where the scales tip in this category. It is Tony Thompson for sheriff hands down the way I see it.

Vote Tony Thompson for our next Black Hawk County sheriff.

Letter to the editor September 6 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor September 6 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor August 28 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor August 28 2008.pdf

Letter to the editor August 272008.pdf

Letter to the editor August 24.pdf

Letter to the editor August 21 2008.pdf

"I just saw Tony and Capt. Johnson in a debate at the NAACP meeting. Everyone should take the opportunity to see a debate and solidify your choice even more. It would also help to convince anyone who's on the fence! Nice job, Tony!!"
- Heather McDonald, Waterloo

Letter to the Editor _August_18_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_17_2008

Letter to the Editor _August_17_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_17_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_14_2008

Letter to the Editor _August_12_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_7_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_7_2008

Letter to the Editor _August_5_2008

Letter to the Editor_August_4_2008

Letter to the Editor_July_30_2008

Letter to the Editor_July_30_2008

Letter to the Editor_July_30_2008

Letter to the Editor_July_21_2008

Letter to the Editor_July_20_2008

Letter to the Editor July 14, 2008

Letter to the Editor July 14, 2008

Letter to the Editor June 1, 2008

Letter to the Editor June 1, 2008

Letter to the Editor May 29, 2008

Letter to the Editor April 29 2008

Letter to the Editor April 20 2008

Letter to the Editor April 17 2008

Letter to the Editor April 13 2008

Letter to the Editor April 3 2008

"I met Deputy Tony Thompson several years ago.  I contacted him at the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, when I read about the senior citizen cell phone program.  Tony helped me with a big friendly smile.  In February, he made sure that I  received my up-to-date emergency cell phone.  Many are familiar with his knowledge and commitment to the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office.  Please consider joining my support and recommendation for Tony Thompson as the next Black Hawk County sheriff. "
~ Babs E. Jessen, La Porte City

Letter to the Editor  March 27 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _March_26_2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _March 24 2008.pdf

"Congratulations and good luck on your run for Sheriff. I think you would be great. I have enjoyed meeting you and Janel through the therapeutic riding program. I appreciate your 'above and beyond' approach. You stopped to see if I needed help once when I was pulled over to check on a horse in the trailer. That was a nice touch. Also went above the call of duty in the sheep herd rescue (that I called in....) :-) Say hello to Janel!"
~Samantha Zubak, Waterloo

Letter to the Editor March 14 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor March 6 2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor _March 3_2008.pdf

Letter to the Editor February 19, 2008 1.pdf

Letter to the Editor February_19_2008_2.pdf

"Tony, I'm happy to hear that you are running for office. You have my support from Hardin County, for what it is worth. Good Luck!!"
~Don Orgel, Chief Deputy, Hardin County Sheriff's Office

"Tony, I wish you all the best. Black Hawk County will be electing the most knowledgeable, dedicated and truly caring Sheriff in the state of Iowa. I'm very proud to have worked with you on the Iowa State Sheriff's and Deputies Association, "Jail's Committee". The state training you have presented at our 20 hr. Jail's School is always superior. You are light years beyond your age in knowledge and maturity. There is no doubt in my mind you will be an outstanding Sheriff. Good Luck and keep in touch. Take Care!"
~Lt. Lynette Redden, Jail Command, Woodbury County Sheriff's Office, Sioux City, IA (ISSDA Jail's Chairperson)

"Tony was our Drug Prevention specialist for a number of years in the Hudson Community Schools and did an outstanding job. He was very professional and demonstrated care for our kids and the work he was doing. I also had the opportunity to work with Tony on several legal issues and he was awesome to work with and communicated extremely well at all times. I trust Tony without hesitation to do the best job that can be asked of him, he is a man of his word."
~Dave Lipinski, At-Risk/Equity Coordinator, Hudson Community Schools

"It is a pleasure to have a person with great leadership skills, character, and experience in law enforcement to be our next Sheriff of Black Hawk County. Tony Thompson will do an outstanding job as our Sheriff."
~Neil Jones, Waterloo

Letter to the Editor, "Supporting Thompson" [pdf]

Letter to the Editor, "Make an Active Leader Sheriff" [pdf]

"Tony, Thanks for running for Sheriff. I came to respect Tony on the job as a Fire Officer on Engine Company 5. He was always there to help on the hardest calls and his understanding of people, his skills as a responder, and his focus as a peace officer, kept the situations stable and allowed my crew to do their job. Thanks!"
~Tim Powers, Waterloo Fire Rescue (Retired), Waterloo

"Congratulations Tony on your run for Sheriff. I know you will do a great job. It has been a pleasure working with you. You can use my yard for a yard sign in the fall."
~Vicki Atkins, Black Hawk County Assessor, Waterloo

"Tony and I have been friends for many years. Throughout this time I have come to admire him for his commitment to his job. He is one who is on job working very hard and going 24/7 everyday. Tony is about the same age as Mike Kubik was when he was elected. As with Mike, Tony also has Military experience. Tony has touched so many young people and they in turn have learned to respect him and listen to his advice. Tony is actively involved with all walks of life in our community. He has the ability to communicate with everyone, no matter what race, sex, or age, of a person in our community. Tony's list of accomplishments are many and I feel he will make an excellent Sheriff for Black Hawk County. I plan to support TONY THOMPSON 100% to be our next BLACK HAWK COUNTY SHERIFF. I hope you will join me and support and elect Tony Thompson for Sheriff."
~Pat Sass, Black Hawk County Recorder (Retired), Waterloo

"My name is James Boesen.  I'm 20 years old. I have seen you on the news a few times and I thought your views on certain things were great.  Waterloo needs your help."
~ James Boesen, Waterloo

"Tony has been doing DON'T (Drugs Offer No Tomorrow) in our school for a number of years. He is well respected for his work here and has made a difference helping eliminate under age drinking and drug use. I think Tony would do an outstanding job as the Black Hawk County Sheriff. He will be getting my vote!"
~Corey Carlson, (Gilbertville Don Bosco Schools- IC & St Joes) Waterloo

 "I feel very honored to have been asked by Tony Thompson to act as chairman of his campaign for election as Sheriff of Black Hawk County. I'm sure when you learn the vast number of responsibilities he has successfully performed for the Sheriff's Office and those he is involved in on a voluntary basis throughout the County, State and Government, you will agree that he will make an excellent Sheriff." ~Donald R. Page, (Former Black Hawk County Supervisor) Waterloo

"During my 10 tenure as the Chief of Police for the City of Waterloo I came to know and respect Tony Thompson.  I saw very early in his career his passion and desire to serve the citizens of Black Hawk County.  Before I retired I had urged him to consider running for Sheriff when the office was vacant and up for election.  His resume proves that he is ready and able to assume the leadership of the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office.  His service to his country as a US Army Non-Commissioned Officer as well as his completion of his Bachelors Degree and work on his Masters Degree makes him an ideal candidate.  I totally and fully support Tony in his bid to be the next Sheriff."
~Bernal F. Koehrsen, Jr, (Former Waterloo Police Chief) Professor of Criminal Justice, Ellsworth Community College, Iowa Falls, Iowa

"Tony: You will make a great sheriff....and a Democrat on top of it!"
~ Sheriff Marty Larsen, Chickasaw County Sheriff's Office

"I have known Tony as a fellow law enforcement officer, soldier, and friend for about eight years.  While working with him in the National Guard I have witnessed his organization and leadership skills and consider him one of the best soldiers I have ever served with.  Tony sets high standards for himself and others and has the ability to motivate subordinates to achieve those standards.  Even though we work for different Sheriff's Offices, Tony has helped us with ideas for our emergency cell phone program and other tactical issues.  I believe Tony would effectively serve the people of Black Hawk County as their next Sheriff."
~ Darren Dennler, Chief Deputy, Washington County Sheriff's Office

Comments from the Waterloo Courier website: " As a person that personally knows Tony, He has my support for sheriff. I know he is committed to the people of Black Hawk County and as information officer, has performed his job very well. To quote a famous cereal commercial, "Tony's GREEEAAAT!" "
~ provided by: Whyonearth wrote on Jan 8, 2008 6:57 PM

"Tony, I was excited to read about your campaign for Sheriff in the Courier tonight.  I wish I'd been home last night to join you for the announcement, but I've been on the road the last couple days doing events in the First District. Let me know if I can be of any assistance, and let me know if you're planning a fundraiser so I can try to make it. I was very impressed by your website. Best wishes for what I know will be a successful campaign."
~Bruce Braley, (United States Congressman-1st District) Waterloo

"Congratulations Tony & Good luck!  Let me know if you want to use the 1950 Ford patrol car!"
~Doug Strike, former Chief Deputy, Chickasaw Co.(Past President ISSDA)

"Hi Tony, I am behind you 100%. After reviewing your web page, and the great things I have heard about you from people in the community, I am ready for your energetic efforts to make Black Hawk County safer! I am a single mother with 2 daughters living in Elk Run Heights. With saying that, you know that I depend on the Sheriffs office for assistance. When it comes to the safety of myself and my family, it means a lot, and I am confident you can stand up to the challenge. Good Luck!"
~Lori Beckner, Elk Run Heights

"I have known Tony for about eight years, I first met Tony when our rural Black Hawk County neighborhood was thinking of forming a "Neighborhood Watch". Tony made several trips to meet with our group. He was always willing to share his time and talents, even for our Sunday afternoon/evening meetings. Take a few minutes and explore his web site, get to know Tony, I think you will discover Tony is a person who cares about his work and his neighborhood. I think you will see the value in voting for Tony as our next Black Hawk County Sheriff."
~Jim Bosier, Cedar Falls

"I met Tony Thompson in 2003. When I learned of him running for Sheriff this year, I was very excited! Tony is a true professional and extremely dedicated to his work. Long hours and being consistently in the public eye leave very little time for other things but, he has always been a very generous guy with his time... volunteering and getting involved in our community and with our kids. I know I have directly benefited from his character and believe Black Hawk County will too!"
~Chase Rohlfsen, Traer

"Tony Thompson is the most organized and thorough person I know.  He has an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm for his job and for the safety of Black Hawk County citizens.  Go Tony!"
~Roger White, Cedar Falls

"Tony Thompson has always impressed me with his service to the community, Tony will truly be an asset to Black Hawk County as our new Sheriff."
~Lane LeBahn, Washburn