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Website Revamped

Website revamped.  Improvements, forward progress, and constant vision on advancement is the focus of revamping this website, and it is also indicative of my tenure as your county Sheriff.  Please take a look around, and let me know your thoughts.  I am proud of my communications team and of the substance contained in this website.  It lets you get to know me a little bit better and better explains my vision for public service

2016 Campaign

Its about that time again... As the country and the county starts to turn their attention to politics once again, it is about time to contemplate the run for a third term as your Sheriff.  I reflect on several great experiences during these past 8 years, and some not so great times as well.  If you will have me, I would consider it an honor to once again represent your interests and your goals for another 4 years.  When I first ran for office, I promised slow, methodical change to our agency.  I inherited a great organization from my predecessor and vowed to do everything in my powers to make it better.  Along the way, we have implemented staffing reorganizations, contract renegotiations, and budget restructuring that has allowed our organization to further improve.  We continue to maximize the revenues that we are able to generate and look to offset tax askings with these revenues.  We continue to think creatively, entertaining new perspectives and new approaches which challenge our organization to be more insightful and more proactive in our staffing, our budgeting, and our operational approaches.  As I consider all of these factors, I reflect proudly, but anticipate that my efforts, my drive, and my desire to honorably continue as your Sheriff will be rightly vetted by the citizens of this great county.  I look forward to the challenges that the future holds for me and for the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office.

2012 Win

Re-elected in 2012!!!
Thank you...  Thank you for the opportunity to again represent the goals, desires, wants and wishes of the citizens of Black Hawk County as your Sheriff.  I am absolutely honored, humbled and appreciative of the vote which re-elected me to this obligation.  I challenge you to communicate with me your observations and your concerns.  I encourage you to hold me accountable for promises made and kept.  I pray for your continued support of my efforts to make your Sheriff's Office one of the most responsive, most professional, and an organization reflective of our citizen's desire for safety, security, and service.  I pledge to your my undying, genuine best efforts to these goals.

Campaign Platform

Narcotics Enforcement

There is little doubt that illegal narcotics have an enormous impact on the safety of Black Hawk County.  Estimates indicate that over 80% of all crime committed in Iowa is attributable to illegal narcotics.  Whether it be burglaries and thefts committed to get money for drugs, or assaults and domestic violence because of being high on drugs, we can do a better job at detecting, deterring and interdicting illegal drugs.
The residual impact is that our thefts, burglaries and crimes against property are decreasing.  I hope this trend continues and pledge to continue to place the proper amount of focus on illegal drug investigations and drug enforcement in our county

Community Outreach

One of the issues that I feel is the most important functions of a Sheriff, is connectivity to the citizens of the county.  I have enjoyed years of outreach and public education through my role as Community Services Coordinator, and I intend to do even more to reach out and network with taxpayers and citizens through several new, inventive measures.
Initially, I have worked hard to improve current and initiate new rural neighborhood watch programs and openly see the value of administrating this effort more vigorously through the Sheriff's Office.  By being more accountable to and accessible to the citizens of the county, I believe that we can be more responsive to their concerns and their needs.We aggressively established one of the finest "interactive" websites for our citizens of any law enforcement agency.  We spent money seized from drug dealers to establish a presence on the world wide web which has assisted us in locating Black Hawk County "Most Wanted" criminals as far away as Arizona and California.  This forum also provides my administration with an obvious transparency and accessibility for the public that has been unseen in previous years.We are more proactively using social media such as Facebook® to help connect to our constituents and share vital information with the public as well.

Jail Administration

In the early 1990's the taxpayers of Black Hawk County voted to build and staff one of the largest jails in the state of Iowa.  This vote was not without it's opposition, but in 1995, the Sheriff's Office opened the new jail with sworn law enforcement officers at the helm.  Today, our jail demonstrates one of the largest inmate populations in the state, and many demands and liabilities as a result.  With such a resource and asset within the Sheriff's Office, we recognize the obligation to ensure that our efforts are effective and budgetarily sound.
Now, our jail officers are attending more training than ever before.  Through technology, we have improved the quality of video recording, we have added process and procedures that ensure we have fewer problems within the housing areas.  We have invested in the division to ensure that the employees and the facility is operating at its highest potential.  We have used inmate labor to make maintenance and routine improvements on the facility to reduce taxpayer funding for upkeep of the facility as well.
We utilize a 20-fold increase in jail programming to ensure that inmates are not just kept out of society, but they are educated, mentored, and worked with to help reduce the rate of recidivism in our facility in the future.  Examples of the programming now available to inmates of the Black Hawk County Jail:
-GED (General Education Development)          

-Celebrate Recovery

-BEP (Batterer's Education Program)              

-Faith-based Substance Abuse Programming-Bible Study/Church Services                             

-Counseling Programming

-Life Skills Programming                                     

-Mentorship Programming

-Faith-based Re-entry Programming                

-Mental Health Group Programming

-Inmate Work Crew Programming

-NA/AA (Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous)
As a result of this increased focus and effort, our jail grievances, lawsuits, and negative incidents have dramatically reduced (to near non-existence) over the past three years.  We do continue to assess our policies, our procedures, and our efforts to ensure that we are reflecting the most professional image, the most responsible application of our resources, and ensure that our operation is always above and beyond reproach in such a manner that the citizens of Black Hawk County can be justifiably proud.As promised, January 2, 2009 the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office once again began employing inmate work crews.Since those first cold winter days, this program has increased its impact and services provided.  Inmates have worked in jail laundry, maintained jail floors, jail trash removal, re-painted the housing areas of the jail, filled potholes for the city of Waterloo, filled sandbags in preparation for flooding, painted swing sets and park equipment, mowed lawns, trimmed trees, weeded flowerbeds, worked in our city and county parks, and cleaned trash out of roadside ditches

In the News

No Shave November Benefits Cancer Treatment

Once again this year, deputies from the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office are violating uniform policies for a great cause...

Sheriff's 100th Town Hall Meeting

Since taking office in 2009, Sheriff Tony Thompson has held a monthly town hall meeting in a different community every month.

United Way sets sights high

The Cedar Valley United Way has a formidable trio of campaign co-chairs this season, and they’re as gung-ho as it gets.
Dan Trelka, Jeff Olson and Tony Thompson want to break some records during this upcoming campaign. Even though the standard to beat over the past decade has been $3 million, they’re shooting for $4 million.

What Others Are Saying:

Elect Tony Thompson

October 12, 2012: Ramah Horton : "What a man your father did raise. I will never forget the time I spoke to you in length about my daughter who I love dearly and getting her help .You treated me with dignity and respect and you were understanding where other people I had spoken to always made me feel like she was just a case number..."

October 11, 2012: Todd Stabenow: "Sorry to hear about your father. You have made him proud and will continue to do so."

October 10, 2012: Michelle Young: "You are an awesome Sheriff. You helped me when i was in black hawk county jail."

September 9, 2012: Linda Schwab: "I would definitely use a yard sign of ANY kind, promoting your re-election! Almost directly across the street from us, is where William Herkelman lives-the other one running. Well, I must say in all honesty, that man has NEVER WAVED, smiled, or even gestured a "Hello". He is actually a bit rude! Sheriff Thompson, I voted for you the first time, and intend to do it yet again. YOU HAVE cleaned-up this city A LOT! I went to UIU, and you came for our substance abuse class; deputy, and dog! One thing you said was that you were going to rid this city of Methamphetamine, and at least in my 'hood', there is no sign of it, or the people that use/make it. You've done a darn good job-CONGRATULATIONS!  Also, you did say that perhaps someone could bring a sign around? We would love that! "

September 4, 2012: Bill Van Wey: "I have had a chance to speak to this man personally. If you want to know who to vote for, talk to him personally and that will seal the deal for you - the amazing thing is 'he will take the time to talk to you', you don't find that very often with a public official - Tony - you have my vote."

August 1, 2012: Mike D.: "I've been following local law enforcement for 50 years. Never have I seen a better combination of County Sheriff and Chief of Police than what we have now in Tony Thompson and Dan Trelka (I still think of Trelka as the Chief). The jail break was a mishap, but Sheriff Thompson has put things right. I look forward to voting for Tony in November and will be urging my friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to do likewise.
When I have to call for help, I want a competent professional to answer!"

June 14, 2012: Becky Smith: "Tony, as a blessed survivor from a horrible high-speed collision on Hwy 218 two years ago all I can say is THANK YOU so very much for supporting this interchange!! It truly means a lot to know that no one else will have to go through what I went thru and am still going thru because of your gracious support with this. Again 'thank you' can't even begin to express my gratitude to you!!"

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