Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff CommitteePaid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

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Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform

There is little doubt that the convergence of mental illness and the criminal justice system has hit a breaking point.  The underfunding, lack of community resources, and limits of services available has created a climax of crisis that all the talk in the world will no longer fix.  That is why I chose to serve.  When called upon by the Governor to serve on the Complex Need Mental Health Taskforce to establish legislation that would redesign mental health delivery systems within the state of Iowa, I jumped at the chance.  



Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform

Whether we are talking about the Raymond Range Training Facility or ensuring that the right topics are focused on at the right times and in the right ways, training has become a paramount focus for me and my administration.  I believe that as goes the training of an organization, so goes the organization itself.  Training mitigates law suits.  Training manages sticky situations.  Training maintains proficiency and professionalism, and training manages an organization's climate in ways that no administration could otherwise attempt.  


Jail Administration

Mental Health Reform

Jail Administration

In the early 1990's the taxpayers of Black Hawk County voted to build and staff one of the largest jails in the state of Iowa.  This vote was not without it's opposition, but in 1995, the Sheriff's Office opened the new jail with sworn law enforcement officers at the helm.  Today, our jail demonstrates one of the largest inmate populations in the state, and many demands and liabilities as a result.  With such a resource and asset within the Sheriff's Office, we recognize the obligation to ensure that our efforts are effective and budgetarily sound.

In the News


Mental Health Fundraiser 2019

 The inaugural mental health awareness breakfast and fundraiser for UnityPoint Health-Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center Inc. was held Sept. 27 and featured Joan Becker ...


Sheriff's 100th Town Hall Meeting

Since taking office in 2009, Sheriff Tony Thompson has held a monthly town hall meeting in a different community every month.


Thompson Responds to 2020 Campaign Challenger

 Although he hasn't officially announced his candidacy for the 2020 general election yet, Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson has indicated plans to run for a fourth term.


Thompson Talks Mental Health In Washington

 Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson was at the White House on Thursday for a summit on transforming mental health treatment to combat homelessness, violence and substance abuse. 


Sheriff Thompson announces candidacy for reelection

 Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson plans to formally announce his decision to seek reelection at his campaign kickoff and fundraiser on Wednesday, January 22nd, at Jameson’s Public House in Waterloo at 6 pm. 


Sheriff Thompson Pushes Jail Diversion

 Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson delivered his budget request this week with a large asterisk. Give customers a reason to do business with you.