Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

Paid for by the Thompson For Sheriff CommitteePaid for by the Thompson For Sheriff Committee

What Others Are Saying:


Elect Tony Thompson

February 17, 2020: Dan McGowan: "Keep up the great work Tony, you have my vote!"

February 17, 2020: Lee Bedore: "Keep it up"

February 17, 2020: Mugs Mrzlak-Langan: "You are always working for the people... Thank you so much for that.  You have my vote."

February 17, 2020: Larry Walters: "You the man!"

February 17, 2020: Nancy Beenblossom: "I cannot thank you enough for all you do.  I am most thankful for all the work you are doing for the mentally ill."

February 17, 2020: Vicki Jones: "Great Job Tony! You have my vote!"


January 21, 2020: Richard Nelson: "Tony, you have done an outstanding job for the people of Black Hawk County.  We are fortunate to have you.  I'll be looking for a BIG campaign sign in my yard!"

January 21, 2020: Carole Barrows: "Tony Thompson, you are the only Democrat I vote for... please know that I pray you are successful in your bid to continue service as Sheriff of Black Hawk  County."

January 21, 2020:  James Jordan: "You got my vote"

January 21, 2020: Dave Drew: "Sheriff Thompson is a great leader who continually serves with integrity! Best of luck!!"

January 21, 2020: Norman Primmer: "I'm With You"

January 21, 2020: Chase Rohlfsen: Very lucky to have Tony Thompson as Sheriff!!"

January 21, 2020: Mike Berry: "Bless you Tony... you've done an outstanding job!"

January 21, 2020: Wendy Ory: "Congratulations Tony!! Good luck!!"

anuary 21, 2020: Charles Lane: "You have my vote!"

January 21, 2020: Sean Thompson: "Outstanding!!! Great Sheriff and Great Person!"

January 21, 2020: Peg Kugler: "Glad you're running- you do a spectacular job! You have great people skills and my daughter  enjoys being one of your deputies.  You have my vote!" 

January 20, 2020: Jim Davis: "Keep up the work you are doing for Black Hawk County"

January 20, 2020: Kayla Pickett: "Go Tony Thompson!"

January 20, 2020: Larry Lynn Mau: "Go Tony"

January 20, 2020: Chris Christopherson: "Go Tony!!!"

January  20, 2020: Gina Destival: "Good Luck Tony"

January 20, 2020: Jason Sandholdt: "Keep up the great work Sheriff!!!!"

January 20, 2020: Steve Dolezal: " Black Hawk County is dang lucky to have you Sheriff!"

January 20, 2020: Stephanie Herbert Gardner: "You've got my vote"

January 20, 2020: Julie Marlette: "Woo hoo!!"

January 20, 2020: Dawn Bruhn: "He is the best!! Gotta have Tony Thompson as sheriff!!"

January 20, 2020: Nancy Beenblossom: "A great Sheriff and Black Hawk County needs him another term"

January 20, 2020: Rebecca Camp: "He has done great things for Black Hawk County"

January 20, 2020: Samuel Melton: "Good luck, you've got my vote"

January 20, 2020: Rob Hawkins: "Black Hawk County is in great hands with you at the helm"

January 20, 2020: Paul Loucks: "Glad your giving it another go Tony!! Black Hawk County is fortunate to have your dedication and leadership!!"

January 20, 2020: Jodi Crandall-Sharaan: "Go Tony!!!"

January 10, 2020: Joan Litterer: "Thank you sheriff Thompson for all you do to keep us safe. I appreciate you." 

January 18, 2020: Mugs Mrzlak-Langan "When you start putting out yard signs I would love to have one in my yard" 

January 17, 2020: Michael Baker: "Absolutely great Tony... Keep up the excellent work!"

January 17, 2020: Donald Ames: "Thank you for all you and your staff do"

January 13, 2020: James Rooff Jr: "I am with you always!"

January 10. 2020: Chris Scott:  "Hugs and Thank Yous to all our law enforcement protectors. Communities, politics, laws and protocol continue respond to increased dangers in our society. Let us all recognize and support the highly at-risk jobs our protectors continue to do for us all. Tony Thompson, you just happen to be my personal hero in this arena. My love and appreciation go out to you." 

January 10, 2020: Monica Paulsen: " I so appreciate all you do!!!  Thank you!!!"

January 10, 2020: Stacy Glascock: " Awesome! Happy to support you "

January 10, 2020: Joe Gorton: " Looking forward to supporting you at your Campaign Kickoff. Thank you sir for your outstanding public service! "

November 3, 2019:  Lisa Roberts: "Takes a very strong person to admit that they have a mental illness....and an even stronger person to stand up for people with mental illness! Thank you all for taking this topic so seriously! "

October 31, 2019: Dani Hoffman: " Tony thank you for your amazing words in your letter to not only my husband but the others who retired today! You’ve led an amazing journey for them and others who follow. And who knows..? Maybe one day our son will follow in this legacy "

October 29, 2019:  Joy Fischer:  "Thank You So Much For Your Excellent Service Sheriff" 

October 22, 2019: Craig Matzke:"Thank you for being a true leader in making a difference in the lives of those who face the challenges of mental health issues." 

October 13,2019: Rod Hicock: "Best of luck to you Tony Thompson, from what I hear, I would love to have you as a boss!"

October 13,2019: Angie Johnson: "You definately have our vote Tony, Keep up the outstanding work!"

October 13,2019: Michelle Fosse: "You have my vote for sure, we love you and thank you for all you have done and do.  We have watched you deal with many things personal to us with missing children, etc.  You are commasionate and strong.  We need you as sheriff for sure... you got this, good luck"

October 12,2019: Brad Shutts: "The right person for the job is already in place and is a wonderful sheriff, the election results will show.  I would wish you luck Sheriff Thompson, but you won't need it!"

October 12.2019: Angie Caswell: "Go get 'em Tony Thompson.  The best man for the job is already there doing it every day and the voters know that."

October 12, 2019: Matt Eimers: "Keep up the great work Brother!!!! I can speak of your outstanding leadership abilities from 25 years ago when we served together overseas in the same 186th MP Co.  You were a fabulous leader and friend and as I've watched all your accomplishments as sheriff of Black Hawk County, it's obvious you've done an outstanding job.  I've always appreciated your professionalism, honesty, and integrity and the way you've always carried yourself.  Hoping to serve beside you for another four years.  Thanks for your continued leadership and passion to serve Black Hawk County citizens and our great state of Iowa.  God bless you Brother!!!!"

October 12, 2019: Jason Sandholdt: "I am behind you 100%. You are a natural leader with the utmost integrity! I am proud to call you a fellow Sheriff and even more proud to call you my friend."

October 12, 2019: Grace Brandt: "Two votes from this house for you.  As far as we're concerned, you don't have an opponent"

October 10,2019: Jena Campbell: "I prefer a rock solid approach to leadership, not one where ambitions change with the wind.  I know you are here for the long haul Tony.  ALWAYS proud to work along side you!"

October 10,2019: Michelle Smith: "Keep doing what you are doing.  Thank you Tony Thompson"

October 9, 2019: Steve McNulty: "You and your officers have watched over our safety for decades.  You most certainly can count on our votes Tony!!!!!!!"

October 8.2019: Judi Nelson: "I see no reason to change, you are doing a great job.  If you have signs, our yard is available for yours."

October 8, 2019: Ted Kamatchus: "Tony, those who run against you can only dream of experiencing the accomplishments you've already earned for the agency.  They can only offer blind promises of change and of things yet to come.  In reality, they are forced to shine a light on any bumps you've had along your road to success. Welcome their rhetoric and tout how those scars you have earned are from lessons learned. No one is perfect, but someone who is tested is proven.  Experience has value and you have the proof of having fought the battles, earning the scars of success along the way.  Ultimately, the public will vote for reality over dreams.  Stay positve, honest, human, and true to yourself... will provide the win!"